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Proximity to the customer has been at the core of our corporate philosophy for many years. Our eight companies of the Broetje-Automation Group operate in 7 countries to set the highest technology standards and to provide outstanding service and know-how for high-tech products leading to highest quality and productivity for our customers.

We provide dedicated facilities for production and assembly in the USA, China and Europe in order to support our customers with local capacities and know-how in the best possible way. Our way of working is characterized by close customer interaction and supports our ambition to equip the Factory of the Future in a groundbreaking way.

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The German Delegation at the IPF Offshore Partnering Forum in New Orleans

The Future of Wind Turbine Production – Broetje-Automation showcases automates solutions at the IPF Offshort Partnering Forum in New Orleans

Latest developments for the offshore wind energy and green hydrogen sector were discussed at the IPF Offshore Partnering Forum from April 23 – 25 in New Orleans. Under the umbrella of the German Wind Industry and Hydrogen Association WAB e.V. Broetje-Automation showcased innovative solutions for the factory of future for wind turbine production.
Represented by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection in cooperation with the Trade Fair Committee of German Business the German Pavillon brought together a broad spectrum of competences from many companies along the entire wind energy value chain. “Stronger together” was the leading WAB motto and program for three days of networking!

Signing the joint cooperation agreement (from left to right): Lutz Neugebauer, Broetje-Automation; Prof. Dr. Gerhard Kreutz, President HS E/L; Martje Merten, Managing Director - Wirtschaftsförderung und Stadtmarketing Emden (WFSE)

Cooperation between the Emden/Leer University of Applied Sciences, the Economic Development Department of the City of Emden and Broetje-Automation: regional strengthening through collaboration.

Broetje-Automation, the City of Emden’s Economic Development Agency and Emden/Leer University of Applied Sciences are embarking on a cooperative path from 22.04.2024 to develop and implement innovative solutions to future challenges in the field of sustainability. This will be driven by the “Sustainable Product Development in Mechanical Engineering” course, which has been offered at Emden/Leer University of Applied Sciences since last year.