Robotic Fiber Placement

The STAXX FLEX is a high performance automated fiber placement end-effector for complex two- and three-dimensional parts. Its low weight of 440 kg including material enables it to be mounted on standard industrial robots of the 500kg class. The system is ideal for automated fiber placement in serial production. It supports common materials such as PrePreg and Dry Fiber up to 50K per tow.

The open, modular design ensures good accessibility to all components and quick and easy maintenance without tools. An automatic changing device can be integrated to further increase productivity. This allows maintenance work and material loading to be carried out parallel to the laying operation.

Technical Data

  • Net weight 280 kg / 620 lb Including material 440kg / 970 lb
  • Max. laying speed 60 m/min
  • Cut on the fly 45 m/min
  • Segmented compaction roller for even distribution of compaction force to all tows
  • 16 x 8kg material spools on board
  • Female layup radius down to 800 mm
  • Material flexibility: Thermoset and Thermoplast ¼” and ½”
  • Heating unit utilizing IR lamps or laser diodes
  • Long-life cutting unit >10.000 cuts without rework
Technical Drawing of a STAXX Flex fiber placement roboter with 16 tows.

The total of 16 tows built into the STAXX Flex result in a versatile system with high efficiency and at the same time easy handling and maintenance.

Special Features

High performance coupled with great versatility

  • High performance at complex parts, designed for 2D and 3D operation
  • Various material types (PrePreg, DryFiber, etc.)
  • High depositing mass due to thehigh laying and cutting speed with 16 tracks
  • Flexible use on a variety of positioning systems (industrial robot, machine style gantry, open gantry optional available)

Integrated Quality Control

  • Constant compaction force
  • Compaction roller following the contour
  • Camera based inline ply inspection
  • CAM system with digital twin for layup and performance simulation

Ease of use

  • Open and modular design
  • Ergonomic access to major components
  • Changable standard components, service parallel to operation
Close up of the tape-laying-unit of the endeffector.

Materials such as PrePreg and DryFiber are manageable in the STAXX Flex system for building complex 3D parts.


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STAXX Flex Product Information

Download our product flyer for more detailed information about the STAXX Flex.

Marc Fette (left), CEO of CTC GmbH and his team welcomed the new robotic AFP system at the premises of CTC in Stade.

Broetje-Automation delivers STAXX One Fiber Placement System to CTC Composite Technology Center Stade

Broetje-Automation GmbH has delivered its highly innovative STAXX One Automated Fiber Placement Robot to the Composite Technology Center / CTC GmbH (An Airbus Company) in Stade, Germany. This advanced and automated fiber deposition system will be used in conjunction with the CTC and Airbus teams to create ecologically efficient and innovative composite structures, in support of a more sustainable future of mobility.

Successful SOUL OLPS Software User-Exchange at Broetje-Automation

In early March 17 participants from Germany and Switzerland gathered in Northern Germany for the annual user exchange on Broetje-Automation’s offline programming system SOUL OLPS. At the headquarter of Broetje-Automation in Rastede, Germany the NC programming experts shared insights and experiences with the system in the daily industrial application. The SOUL software suite offers simple and efficient machine programming and operation with numerous appreciated features such as real-time machine simulation or advanced programming strategies.


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