Equipping the Factory of the future

Our Vision

Technology will transform the production system for large scale manufacturing

At Broetje-Automation we are committed to support our customers in the best possible way to equip their Factory of the Future. This means we have to anticipate how technologies will shape the way how future production will be organized.

Our focus lies on large assemblies such as aircraft, wind power systems or other large structures. Due to the size of the assembly, one challenge is to keep highest precision without compromising accessibility, safety and performance.

Thanks to new and innovative technologies production rates for large structures in the factory of the future will be possible beyond anything we have seen in the past. The aerospace industry is a good example how Automation, Precision and Digitalization can pave the way towards future scale-ups.


How will the Factory of the Future look like?

Large structures can not be automated in the same way like high volume goods such as automobiles or mobile phones. One have to take into account, how important the human being is in complex and diversified production systems. The Factory of the Future therefore will be human-centric – not machine-centric.

In the same time the evolution of the product – may it be an aircraft, a wind power system or a ship vessel – requires an extremely high flexibility of the production system. Linear production processes will be a thing of the past. The Factory of the Future allows flexible reconfiguration  on the shopfloor depending on future product and market developments.

As the production systems become smarter, digitalization will be the backbone of Factories of the Future. All production steps – indepentend if they are manual or automated – will be digitally visible, interconnected and adaptive. The Factory of the Future will digitized.

With the integrated Human Machine Interface SCORE, it is easy to connect several STAXX Compact to a line management system.

With the integrated Human Machine Interface SCORE, it is easy to connect several STAXX Compact to a line management system.

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Smart Processes

With new sensor and data processing technologies in the Factory of the Future processes will be more and more digitalized and automated. Broetje-Automation is actively pushing advanced manufacturing processes.

Mobile Autonomous Robots for Smart Factories

Smart Automated Equipment

Broetje-Automation provides the necessary equipment for this transition towards the Factory of the Future. We make future smart and mobile applications possible.

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Smart Services

Smart Services enable the full exploitation of highest efficiencies in the Factory of the Future. Broetje-Automation provides full service capabilities to support customers worldwide.

Assembly Line Integration

Smart Factory

Broetje-Automation assists during all the steps to establish your factory of the future in order to bring this complex task to an outstanding outcome. Our lines enable highly flexible, efficient, and precise production for our customers.