Smart Automated Equipment

In the Factory of the Future the entire production system will be fully digitalized and interconnected. The basis for this is a digital backbone that enables production equipment to be integrated into such a digital factory.

Smart automated equipment is not only more flexible but also mobile. Future production systems thus are capable to be reconfigured depending on changing requirements during the full lifecycle.

Broetje-Automation provides the equipment necessary for this transition towards the Factory of the Future. All our machines come with a digital twin and a harmonized HMI concept. Our inhouse know-how and specifically for the needs of production equipment developed universal carrier systems make future smart and mobile applications possible.

Universal Carrier System

We make machines become mobile systems.

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Power RACe

Explore our highly flexible robotic system specifically designed for the needs of the aerospace industry. It enablesmultiple processes in one machine such as drilling, riveting, milling and other high presicion, high-force applications.  
Thomas Oetken, Business Development Broetje-Automation and Kerstin Fennen, Project Manager Wind Power projects

Steady Winds are Rising – Broetje-Automation shows innovative approaches for the industrialization of turbine production

Broetje-Automation has consistently pushed the boundaries of automation technology, delivering state-of-the-art solutions that enhance productivity, efficiency, and safety. Nowadays this knowledge is used in wind turbine manufacturing and assembly processes. With a commitment to sustainability and a focus on customer-centricity, the company’s presence at the Husum Wind Expo from September 12 to 15 is set to showcase its latest advancements and engage with industry stakeholders.

Tailored, Digital, Mobile, Sustainable – Successful Showcasing at 54th Paris Airshow

The 54th Paris Airshow at the Le Bourget Exhibition Center from June 17-25, 2023 was a great success for the Broetje-Automation team. Broetje-Automation Group showcased its state-of-the-art automation solutions tailored specifically for the aerospace industry. One of the highlights was the latest innovation in robotic sealing application. The live performing collaborative robot caused many visitors to stop and take a look.