Equipping the Factory of the Future

Broetje-Automation is supporting customers around the world in multiple sectors. We are well known as the leading supplier for automated equipment for large scale assemblies.

For more than 40 years we are the prime supplier for automated assembly of aircraft. But beyond our decades long footprint in the aerospace industry we are active in numerous other sectors.


Broetje-Automation is the premier suppplier for automated equipment and processes for the aerospace industry since more than 40 years.

Our group of companies provides all necessary solutions to equip your factory of the future, both with robots and machines as well as for turnkey factory planning and digital integration from data acquisition to line management. Our global service teams ensure your production is running smoothly and efficient 24/7.

Wind Energy

The supply with Sustainable Energy is one of the key challenges of todays` society. Wind Power plays a major role as key source for sustainable energy. Nevertheless todays’ production of wind power plants is still highly manual.
Broetje-Automation has more than four decades of experience with automated assembly of large structures. We provide the automated solutions to successfully ramp-up the production of wind power plants to meet the demand arising from the energy transition.

Textile Industry

Automating production for the textile industry is one of the toughest challenges today. Given highly complex processes with a tremendous variation in material behaviour, fully automated solutions are still rate. We at Broetje-Automation utilize our experience with complex interconnected processes and different types of material to gain a higher degree of automation for textile production.

Leightweight Structures

Our experience, innovation, and customer service make us at Broetje-Automation the perfect provider for automated solutions for the lightweight industry. We offer a wide range of products and services tailored to the needs of the lightweight industry. For example, we provide automated drilling, milling, and riveting systems as well as state of the art automated systems for the composite industry, which are critical in the production of lightweight materials.

Ramping Up Wind Turbine Production with Torque Systems – Broetje-Automation delivers automated equipment to Siemens Gamesa

The production of wind turbines is expected to increase drastically in the coming years. To prepare for a fast and reliable production ramp-up, Broetje-Automation supports Siemens Gamesa with automated equipment. With the delivery of an automated bolt fastening machine to the factory in Cuxhaven, the partners have reached an important milestone in the establishment of the Torque Systems product family.

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VE2E: Research project for the development of the factory of the future a complete success

It began as a promising vision in July 2021 and has now come to a successful conclusion: the research project “Vertically integrated, sustainable end-to-end factory (VE2E)” for the development of a digital Factory of the Future. At the beginning of March, the forward-looking results of the research project were presented to a wide audience at Premium AEROTEC’s Varel site.