Solutions for the Aerospace Industry

Maximizing productivity is crucial for complex production processes. Aircraft are some of the most complex assemblies. Therefore, there is zero tolerance for deviating from the quality, effectiveness, and reliability the aerospace sector requires

Broetje-Automation provides a comprehensive portfolio of process, production, and automation expertise for the aerospace industry. We are skilled in processing lightweight composite materials as well as utilizing robotics, to create efficient and sustainable turnkey production solutions for all types of aircraft. As an integrator, Broetje-Automation harmonizes production processes and equipment to create highly productive assembly lines, enabling clients to lead the competition.

World’s fastest riveting machines

Highest Performance, Reliability, Accuracy

Fully automated drilling and fastening solutions often play an important role when it comes to such automated production systems.
For automated assembly of large aircraft parts, such as skin and wing panels, the Multi Panel Assembly Cell (MPAC) is the ideal system for aerostructures. The MPAC guarantees the highest standards in precision and is optimized for the flow of production. The C-Frame  Assembly Cell (CPAC) or the Integrated Panel Assembly Cell (IPAC) take care of the simultaneous automated drilling and fastening of different types of aircraft therefore reducing cycle time whily minimizing shopfloor consumption.

The lightweight Robot Assembly Cell (RACe) offers mobility and flexibility and is an ideal solution for easy automation. When it comes to highest accuracy requirements even under heavy loads, the specifically for the aerospace industry designed PowerRACe will be the system of choice. And for effective worker support and more collaboration on the shopfloor our Light Robotic Solutions and Cobots can enhance productivity and quality.

MPAC - Multi Panel Assembly Cell

MPAC - Multi Panel Assembly Cell

Industry leading high rate layup technologies

Automation of Composite Production

The Aerospace Industry is a pioneer towards lightweight systems. Composite materials play a major role for the future of the industry.

Our fully-automated production systems are dedicated to high throughput for composite layup, pre-forming and process integration. The main focus lies on cost effectiveness, quality and the improvement of productivity during composite part manufacturing.

Our STAXX family of Automated Fiber Placement Systems provides the market with highly innovative technology. With its multi-line fiber placement, four-axis orientation, towpreg  material and unique line integration capability, the STAXX Compact and the STAXX 3D offer the utmost flexibility and can facilitate maximum material savings. The robotic systems STAXX One and STAXX Flex are cost-efficient and highly flexible robotic solutions for demanding projects, multiple material configurations and complex, hard to automate parts.

Highest throughput and unmatched precision

Assembly Systems for the Aerospace Industry

Broetje-Automation offers a complete line of component and module assembly systems starting with simple assembly jigs to highly sophisticated automatic stations and complete assembly lines.

Highly accurate positioning, measuring and control systems are available to provide automated component measuring and positioning using the best-fit strategy.

When the aircraft structure reaches the final assembly production step, such as fuselage assembly, or wing to fuselage, Broetje-Automation offers the right equipment. FAStplant is a modular overhead conveyor system used to significantly optimize aircraft production and is available in a high load version i.e. for assembly, and in a version for lighter components such as panels and doors. Floor mounted carriers used to convey different types of products also make up part of the Broetje-Automation product portfolio.

For future factories, a higher degree of flexibilization is enabled by our Universal Carrier System, an AGV platform to not only carry parts and goods on the shopfloor, but to enable mobile machines.

Automated Assembly

Automated Assembly

The source for all your small item requirements

Operational Tooling

Alongside the heavy Broetje-Automation machinery the operational tooling also play an essential part in ensuring effective and reliable production.

We provide our customers with complete solutions including complex and specific tool design and manufacture – offering full customer support along the way. Thanks to strong project management and a talented team, we bring proven assessment methods tailored to the needs of our customers. This includes line side equipment, platforms and miscellaneous GSE. Small parts are often crucial in a production process with such huge dimensions.


Beside automated equipment we are also very present in the transport & lifting device market. These are adapted to the customer’s demands.


Broetje-Automation recommends the best protection solutions such as hail, door or wooden protections.

Fuselage moving system for easy transportation on the shopfloor

Fuselage moving system for easy transportation on the shopfloor

Thorough advice is a matter of course

Consulting, Factory Planning and Manufacturing Engineering

The knowledge gained within more than 40 years of experience in the aerospace industry is utilized for developing highly efficient solutions to meet the present, and future needs of this industry.

Numerous customers are using our expertise in the early development
stages of a project in order to  optimize their processes prior to production. Starting early on in a project with concepts, planning, optimization and organization helps create productivity and can bring considerable benefits.

Our comprehensive expertise and years of experience in the global aerospace industry supports increased quality and productivity and can be applied to a complete new production line or to the optimization of existing production processes.

Two trainees looking at the assembly plan of the Multi Panel Assembly Cell (MPAC).

Our trainees work on the machines right from the start, gaining valuable experience in large-scale projects.

From the initial concept to the finished production line

Your system supplier for complete production lines

Broetje-Automation provides individual manufacturing solutions, starting from the complete implementation of a concept and continuing through to providing life-long services. To be able to do this a vast amount of experience on a multitude of projects is essential.

Just as the performance of a machine needs to be prepared, so does the planning of a project. Broetje-Automation supports its customers from the concept stage of a project in order to ensure precision from the very beginning. This includes individual comprehensive
planning, design, and the integration of all production steps through to commissioning.

Project management, invitation to tender, supplier selection, and  ultimately, production start-up, work in perfect harmony to benefit the customer with seamless material flows and highly efficient production.

Modern assembly lines are digitally interconnected and provide valuable process integration for the Factory of the Future

Modern assembly lines are digitally interconnected and provide valuable process integration for the Factory of the Future