A Pearl of Innovation in the Region – Minister of science Björn Thümler visits Broetje-Automation in Rastede


Björn Thümler, member of the CDU state parliament and Lower Saxony’s minister for science and culture, was impressed by the high-tech company Broetje-Automation. Almost every civil aircraft in the world contains parts manufactured or assembled on Broetje-Automation machines and systems. The world market leader with almost 800 employees has its headquarters at the motorway junction in Rastede and is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.

World's leading expert for production processes

Björn Thümler, member of the CDU state parliament for Rastede and Lower Saxony’s minister for science and culture, notes: “Unfortunately, in my opinion, too little is known in my own country that the company is regarded as an internationally important player in the economy and a so-called hidden champion”. Thümler has now visited the world’s leading expert for production processes in the aerospace industry to set an example.
He was accompanied by Manfred Wolf, the former plant manager of Airbus in Nordenham and long-time companion of the company that initiated the meeting. The aircraft supplier now operates under the name “Premium AEROTEC” and is one of its most important customers.
“Broetje-Automation can justifiably be described as a pearl of innovation”, Thümler praised CEO Lutz Neugebauer during the management of the company. “It is important for Rastede and the entire northwest that word gets around that such successful drivers of the economy are not only located in large cities or metropolises. Here in the region, they also find convincing location conditions – and when I think of the local recreation value in Rastede, for example, they might even be better”.

Better equipment for cooperation between industry and science

One of the topics of discussion during the company visit was the better equipment of the research funding programmes for regional cooperation between industry and science in Lower Saxony.  “Cooperation with research institutions and universities is indispensable for the technological performance of industry in Lower Saxony”.  Lutz Neugebauer put it this way and agreed with Björn Thümler. Broetje-Automation has been working for many years with regional scientific institutions such as the Jade University in Wilhelmshaven, the German Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence and the German Aerospace Center. Following Neugebauer’s presentation, the company is also striving to further expand its cooperation in the future, for example with the University of Hanover.

Broetje-Automation emerged in 1979 from the long-established Rasteder company August Brötje for mechanical engineering and heating technology. Since 2016, the company has belonged to the Chinese Shanghai Electric Group, which is the market leader in China’s mechanical engineering industry.


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