Broetje-Automation GmbH awarded as digital place of Lower Saxony


Broetje-Automation GmbH today has been officially awarded as a “Digital Place Lower Saxony”. The state of Lower Saxony has awarded the company, which is based in Rastede in the district of Ammerland, for its applied “Digitized Process Chain in Aircraft Production”.
“The “Digital Place Lower Saxony” award focuses on initiatives, projects, companies and institutions that are particularly committed to digitization and thus make an important contribution to the innovative power of our state,” says State Secretary Stefan Muhle, summarizing the idea behind the award.

The concept of "Smart Aerospace Factory"

Building on more than 40 years of experience with the integration of production lines in the aviation industry, Broetje-Automation has developed a concept with which the entire production chain in the Smart Factory can be digitized using networked systems and tools.
The concept of the “Smart Aerospace Factory” takes the step from today’s usual individual evaluation of machine data to the improvement of the individual system, to the comprehensive digital networking of all elements at the level of the production line.
The prerequisite for this is to make the individual machines and systems “digitizable”. For this purpose, Broetje-Automation has developed the software platform “SOUL” in-house.
Broetje-Automation is the global market leader in the field of automated aircraft assembly. The company is also closely associated with the regional aviation industry in Lower Saxony/Northern Germany. With the help of the internal digitization initiative launched several years ago, the company improves productivity in aircraft construction and enables the introduction of industry 4.0 and digitization projects in the industry.
Regional partners such as regional medium-sized partners, but also research institutions and universities work together on new solutions through and with digitization. Schools, universities, research institutions, start-ups, small and medium-sized companies as well as industrial enterprises, crafts enterprises, charitable institutions and other institutions can apply to the Digitalagentur Niedersachsen for the “Digital Places of Lower Saxony” award. It is an award that highlights the extraordinary commitment to the success of digitisation in the respective field. In return, the awardees undertake to inform other people and institutions about their path towards progressive digitisation.

At the digital congress TECHTIDE, which will take place on 3/4 December at the Hannover Exhibition Grounds, the “Digital Places of Lower Saxony”, awarded in 2019, will be presented to the public.


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