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Broetje-Automation invests in Sustainability


As part of a comprehensive sustainability strategy, Broetje-Automation continues to invest in the future-proof orientation of the company. To this end, the automation expert from Northern Germany has carried out an extensive planting campaign at the Rastede site together with the Oldenburg-based start-up ImmerBunt GmbH. 25 fruit trees, flowering meadows and shrubs as well as a newly settled bee colony not only contribute to environmental and climate protection, but also improve the working environment for the employees.


Comprehensive Sustainability Strategy

Environmental and resource conservation as well as the formation of regional partnerships are just two of a total of eight focus areas of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that Broetje-Automation has set itself as part of its sustainability strategy. In total, the company has undertaken more than 100 sustainability measures in all areas of the company in order to achieve the goal of climate neutrality.

As part of this initiative, Broetje-Automation has therefore started a partnership with the Oldenburg-based start-up ImmerBunt GmbH. The aim is to increase biodiversity, climate adaptation and improve the workplace environment at the Rastede site.

As part of an initial planting campaign, several green spaces at the Rastede site were converted into bee-friendly flowering meadows together with Immerbunt in spring and a total of 13 apple trees, five cherry trees and four pear trees were planted. “With this campaign, we are investing on the one hand in upgrading our location and the workplace environment of our employees. At the same time, we are making a significant contribution to more biodiversity and improving the water balance and microclimate at the Rastede site,” explains Anja Ehrenborg, VP Sustainability and Total Quality Management at Broetje-Automation. The newly created flowering areas and orchards will not only provide 1.5-2 tons of fruit per year but will also serve as a food source for bees and butterflies, providing a constant source of food.

In addition to flowering areas, orchards were also created.

Employee Engagement

“We are particularly pleased that our employees are actively involved in the project,” adds Anja Ehrenborg. “One of our colleagues is a hobby beekeeper and will move one of his colonies to the company location. In this way, we will not only produce fruit, but also honey on site. This is a great commitment of which we are very proud!”

As part of the sustainability strategy, further actions are already in the starting blocks. The company is currently preparing a verification of the company’s CO2 balance (Scope 1 and 2 according to GHG) as well as planning a comprehensive analysis of the ecological footprint of the entire supply chain. Together with a customer in the region, Broetje-Automation has also launched a research project to optimize the energy consumption of the machines and systems. Further measures are already in preparation.

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The orchards will produce 1.5-2 tons of fruit annually and support biodiversity and water balance.