Vivian Kim Weiß

Broetje-Automation Welcomes Innovators from the Sustainability Network NorthWest in Rastede


Companies from northwestern Germany gathered at Broetje-Automation GmbH in Rastede on November 15th as part of the Sustainability Network NorthWest to explore the sustainability strategy and engage in detailed discussions. Broetje-Automation, representing mechanical engineering, showcased innovative projects as part of its sustainability efforts during the meeting. The event featured a comprehensive company presentation, a tour of the assembly hall, and lively discussions on current sustainability challenges and collaborative solutions among the diverse participants from finance, retail, logistics and engineering.

Cross-Sector Exchange

Initiated by Broetje-Automation and “einfach. effizient. Treuhand Unternehmensberatung GmbH & Co. KG,” the event commenced with a warm welcome and an introduction by the latter, setting the stage for more than 20 participants from diverse sectors, including retail, logistics, and finance. Broetje-Automation represented the mechanical engineering sector as one facet of the various industries.

Anja Ehrenborg, Vice President of Sustainability & Total Quality Management, kicked off the event with a comprehensive company presentation that introduced Broetje-Automations and addressed current sustainability topics and challenges. As a member of the network since 2022, Broetje-Automation also presented innovative projects that are integrated into the company’s sustainability activities. A particular highlight for many participants was the guided tour of the shopfloor at the company’s headquarters in Rastede, providing a glimpse into Broetje-Automations production processes and product dimensions.

Challenges, Collaboration, and Future Prospects

Following the informative presentations, participants were able to network. Discussions ranged from current sustainability issues within individual companies to topics raised in the presentations, such as the central role of efficient data and information management for successful sustainability implementation. The challenges of making various aspects of sustainability (ESG) comprehensible and implementing them concurrently were also explored.

The meeting underlined the complex relationship between sustainability and the size as well as sector of the respective company. Despite these differences, common challenges emerged, fostering collaborative discussions and solutions within the network. The diverse levels of knowledge among participating companies lay the groundwork for a promising exchange of ideas and potential collaborations in the future.

Broetje-Automation is looking forward to further exchanges and developments within the network.