Vivian Kim Weiß

Health and sustainability: Broetje-Automation collects more than 100 trees for the Harz Mountains


With great commitment, the Broetje-Automation team contributed more than 100 trees to the Summitree-Challenge of the Lower Saxony Entrepreneurs’ Association (UVN). As motivation, trees were “collected” for the Harz mountains by the distance covered by bike or on foot while hiking and jogging. In total, the campaign achieved a result of 2,150 newly planted trees for the Harz region.



January was all about sustainability. As one of 25 companies that took part in the challenge, we are happy about the 2nd place in the overall ranking. We were even able to exceed the UVN’s target of two trees per employee, a great team effort that also supports Broetje-Automation’s sustainability strategy.

The Summitree-Challenge is a joint project of the start-up “Summitree” from Wennigsen near Hanover and the business associations of Lower Saxony (UVN), which contributes to the reforestation of the Harz Mountains. It supports the “Mountain Forest Project” ( for reforestation in Germany.

Committed associations and volunteers are planting the conversion zone away from spruce trees to ecological, climate-resilient mixed forests with beech and sycamore maples in the sense of ecological forest conversion. In addition, the renaturation of streams for drinking water protection and the dismantling of superfluous protective fences are being driven forward in the course of the project. As part of our own sustainability strategy, we are thus making a contribution in two directions – to health and nature conservation in equal measure.

Part of our motiveted runners just before starting out to run.

More sustainability is a team effort

The topic of sustainability is also very important to Broetje-Automation. After all, the Factory of the Future must also face up to the challenge of conserving resources and protecting the climate. The focus here is on sustainable objectives and innovative solutions. Across all industries, there are different approaches that add up to more sustainability and more sustainable business processes. The aviation industry in particular is driving this change by finding new solutions. Piece by piece, it will thus become more and more climate-neutral in the future by using innovative technologies. At Broetje-Automation we are currently working intensively on reducing our own CO2 balance. Together with our partners and suppliers, the climate goals of the WHO are being implemented to a large extent. In addition, there are a variety of campaigns and employee involvement – such as the recent Summitree-Challenge.

The Summitree Challenge provided a good start to the year and reinforced the focus on sustainability and team spirit. Despite unpleasant weather conditions in January, our team took off many times into the wet and cold to exercise for a good cause.

We say thank you and look forward to the way ahead, new ideas for more sustainability and optimized processes that bring us closer to our goal – To make the Factory of the Future even more future-oriented.