Inspiring the specialists of tomorrow- Broetje-Automation Sponsors Syntax Robotics


Awakening interest, learning first skills in mechanical engineering and programming and having fun working on an extraordinary challenge. That’s what it was all about for the 12 girls and boys from Bahçeşehir Koleji High School, Turkey. In an exciting tournament, they were able to demonstrate the skills they had learned in their lessons and, as a team, achieved the 17th place out of 48 teams with their robot at the “FIRST Robotics Competition” in the Volkswagen Arena Istanbul.


Supporting Future Robot Enthusiasts

As a partner, Broetje-Automation is particularly pleased with the team’s success. Broetje-Automation develops efficient and customized Robotic Systems for individual requirements. Fully automated mobile systems like AGV’s with collaborative robotic applications are the more complex relatives of the student’s robot. Nurturing young talent and creating interest in complex high technology issues is a challenge. As a special machine builder, we are pleased to be able to play a part in the success and sense of community through our support. For the future, the young people have laid a considerable foundation for job-related skills in this field and paved the way for a future career in robotic development and project management. The Factory of the Future needs young talent to realize tomorrow’s ideas and drive new technologies.

At the FIRST Robotics Competition, different school teams start under the same conditions with a regulated set of parts. A robot is created from this over a project period of one year. It is not exclusively about the technical aspect behind the project, but about the overall package. The students have learned to plan, design, program, and build their robot, as in a real large-scale project, and ultimately to create a brand around their product. They also develop partnerships over time and strategically try to promote STEM in their region. The goal is to inspire STEM subjects in a challenging, interesting, and casual environment.


With a lot of enthusiasm and drive, the young team dove into the sometimes-complicated subject matter using the Python programming language to make their project a success. By dividing the project into working groups, they were able to work on it in an organized and efficient manner. A great achievement of the young people who were able to prove their talent at their young age.
As this year’s sponsor of the team, Broetje-Automation warmly congratulates the team members on a successful event and wishes them all the best for the future.