Vivian Kim Weiß

The Future of Composites Production in the Focus of CAMX


CAMX, the Composites and Advanced Materials Expo has opened its doors in Atlanta, gathering experts from various fields of composite manufacturing. With the growing prominence of composite materials, which offer both strength and flexibility, Broetje-Automation has been leading the way by providing a comprehensive range of composite solutions to meet the global demand for production equipment.

The offerings span from automated and continuous preforming solutions to robotic systems, including innovative enclosed manufacturing systems like the STAXX Box and STAXX Compact, demonstrating their commitment to cutting-edge high-tech production systems.

STAXX Box – Automated Fiber Placement for everyone!

The new STAXX Box automated fiber placement system opens the market for automation. It presents groundbreaking possibilities for composite manufacturing in terms of production, shop floor capabilities, and research and development projects. This system is an evolution of ther existing STAXX Flex, STAXX One, and STAXX Compact systems, delivering exceptional manufacturing knowledge in a more compact and cost-effective package with a much smaller footprint. It brings automation also to those companies with smaller parts or lower rates where traditionally lots of tasks are still manual.

Built on the foundation of the modular STAXX One End Effector, this highly versatile and reliable system can be easily integrated into any shopfloor without the need for complex commissioning – it’s a plug-and-play solution. The STAXX Box facilitates the layup of various materials, such as DryFiber, PrePreg, Thermoplastic, and more, offering a wide range of applications. Moreover, it reduces the downtime typically associated with material and layup testing, thus making production more efficient and cost-effective. Notably, this 4-axis system is not only about expanding production capabilities but also excels in manufacturing small composite parts with a reliable and versatile process.

The STAXX Box utilizes the standardized STAXX One End-Effector

STAXX Compact – Scalability meets Robustness

The STAXX Compact System is a stand-alone 16-tow fiber placement system designed for ramping-up towards high-volume production. It’s an enclosed, air-conditioned system that guarantees safe and highly scalable production setups. Equipped with the advanced Human Machine Interface SCORE and automated workpiece loading and unloading features, this system optimizes modern automated manufacturing. Automated quality control further reduces workloads, labor costs, and cycle times. It can be used as a standalone system as well as seamlessly be integrated into a flowline concept when rates go up. Its truly taking manufacturing to the next level by accelerating the entire production process.

With the integrated Human Machine Interface SCORE, it is easy to connect several STAXX Compact to a line management system.

STAXX One – Versatiliy and accuracy but lightweight

The STAXX One system offers a lightweight production option for manufacturing of complex parts. Weighing only 40 kg, its end effector can be easily mounted on any standard industrial robot, making it capable of handling various materials, products shapes and applications. The option for a heated layup table, coupled with NC-controlled turning, expands its production capabilities even more, e.g. for production of hydrogen tanks.

The STAXX ONE allows automated fiber placement of complex parts and it supports a wide range of materials such as PrePreg, TowPreg and Dry Fiber material.

STAXX Flex – Easy maintenance for high efficiency

For more complex or larger parts, an elevated level of system performance is necessary to accommodate diverse layup requirements. The STAXX Flex is an automated system designed for the serial production of complex 3D and 2D parts. Its 16-tow end-effector can be mounted on robotic systems as well as large gantry machines. Its modular design ensures fast and easy maintenance and provides direct access to all components without the need for additional equipment or tools. The addition of an automated head changing unit allows the parallel switching of materials during the layup process, making it even more efficient.

The STAXX Flex is a versatile and highly flexible, thus faste and efficient robotic fiber placement system

Equipping the Factory of the Future

These solutions highlight the versatility and capabilities of Broetje-Automation’s offerings. All Broetje-Automation systems come with highest accuracy and industry-friendly, low recurring cost due to the leading offline programming systems and advanced digital integration. Broetje-Automation also provides services for factory planning and integration showcasing our commitment to high-tech production systems that emphasize superior process design, quality, and their commitment to addressing emerging challenges in composite manufacturing. – We are proud to say, we are truly equipping the Factory of the Future for our customers.