Vocational training at Broetje-Automation: Our new apprentices 2021


With the beginning of September, a new training year has also begun with us. We are pleased to welcome six new faces to our team.

New Apprentices

From 01.09.2021 Ole Dannemann and Nico Hellmers will support our electronics technicians for industrial engineering. Noah Ricklefs joined the administration as an industrial clerk. In addition, we welcome three new industrial mechanics: Torben Küpker and Paul Schuchardt are entering the first year of training with us, Nico Schnier into the third year of training with us.
Another, but not unknown, face is Neele Kuhlmann. After she has already successfully completed her apprenticeship as an industrial clerk with us, her dual studies in the field of industrial engineeringare nowstarting. We are very pleased that she will remain loyal to Broetje-Automation at this next step in her career.

We wish everyone a lot of fun and success at Broetje-Automation!



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