Eco Positioner

The assembly of aircraft structures requires the joining of large and heavy components with the highest precision. In addition, components, some of which are subject to very tight tolerances, must be joined in such a way that the induced forces on the product are minimized.   

The EcoPositioner from Broetje-Automation, follows a concept for modular and configurable positioning technology that ensures the highest flexibility and product quality for aircraft structure assembly.   

To combine highest quality with an easy-to-use system, Broetje-Automation has developed a fully integrated modular control system. This integrates the measuring system with the central data processing and NC drive controls. Everything is controlled from a central control panel with a state-of-the-art graphical man-machine interface.   

The positioning system can be used for various types of structural assembly applications; for example, assembling fuselage sections or joining wings and tails to the fuselage. Based on the two product lines – the horizontal and the vertical EcoPositioner line – and due to Broetje-Automation’s modular strategy, more than 100 000 configurations of positioners can be realized. A solution can be offered for every specific process task.   

Technical Data


  • Positioning accuracy per axis: +/- 0,1 mm (single positioner) 
  • Repeatability per axis: +/- 0,025 mm (single positioner) 
  • Stroke, horizontal, long axis: up to 1200 mm 
  • Stroke, vertical: +/-50 mm min., customizable 
  • Stroke, horizontal, short axis: +/-50 mm min., customizable 
  • Speed range: 0,2 mm/s – 20 mm/s 
  • Payload, vertical: up to 30 kN 
  • Process load horizontal: up to   2 kN  


  • Positioning accuracy: +/- 0,1 mm 
  • Repeatability: +/- 0,025 mm 
  • Stroke, vertical: up to 1000 mm 
  • Stroke, in flight direction: +/-50 mm  
  • Stroke, vertical to flight direction: +/-50 mm 
  • Speed range: 0,2 mm/s – 10 mms 
  • Payload (vertical): up to 80kN 
  • Process Load (horizontal) up to 4kN 
Positioning for joining aircraft structures under the highest accuracy.

Intelligent data management increases the quality of the process and the product.

Product Benefits

Reduction of cost per unit

Automation reduces the scope of manual application. Labour costs decrease, quality assurance is greatly simplified. The automated process is faster, therefore the production time is lessened. 

Maximum quality

Broetje EcoPositioner technology in conjunction with automated metrology, real time force control and smart data processing guarantees an accurate, reproducible and safe process for consistently superior production quality. 

Highest flexibility

The EcoPositioner technology allows the flexible use of assembly stations. Thus the Assembly of several aircraft versions on one station is possible. 

The modular concept also provides adaptability of already installed positioners. 

A complete device with EcoPositioners to automatically move the structure to its destination.

The EcoPositioner maintains the perfect balance between quality and flexibility and can be used for any process task.

Dr. Anna Christmann überreichte den Förderbescheid für das Projekt SHILA im Rahmen einer Delegationsreise zum Boeing-Werk in Renton, in dem u.a. die Boeing 737 MAX gebaut wird. Foto: Boeing

Assembly technologies for next generation aircraft

German technology companies are working together with Boeing under the leadership of Broetje-Automation on the automated assembly of future aircraft generations within the “SHILA” project. Dr. Anna Christmann, the German government’s aerospace coordinator, presented the funding notice for the project at the Boeing plant in Renton / Seattle. The project is being carried out under the aerospace research program of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Action (BMWK).

DSC00114 ret scaled

Production technology for the Energy Transition

Broetje-Automation supports the energy transition with automated production technology for the offshore wind industry. Building on more than forty years of experience in the automation of assembly processes of very large components, the company based Rastede, Germany has achieved significant improvements in quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness with its automatic bolting system.