Automated Fiber Placement

In composite processing, fiber placement is the crucial process that ensures good component processing at the highest level. Our composite family STAXX combines flexibility in component manufacturing not only in terms of component complexity but also in terms of materials. Broetje-Automation is one of few machine builders able to process materials with different properties. This makes production more cost effective and efficient without taking up more space in the production hall. Up to 16 tracks can be processed simultaneously without compromising quality. Discover our composite products and see for yourself.


This compact, flexible and easy to use automated fiber placement machine is ideally suited for the automated production of small composite parts at low cost.


A customizable robotic system to create complex structures and stiffening inlays. This single tow AFP system combines several processes in one robot.

STAXX Compact

Compact and flexible production in a box. This system combines all the necessary components for a compact and space saving serial production with high layup rates for 2D parts.


This system provides you with the technology to produce complex 3D composite parts. The production in a box is not only flexible but time and cost-efficient.


Ready for industrial production. The STAXX Flex is a large fiber placement system for various materials and sizes of parts.

Composite product information

Please download more technical details on our composite products here.

Meet Broetje-Automation at SAMPE 2024

Broetje-Automation to present AFP solutions at SAMPE 2024 conference

As a leading provider of advanced manufacturing solutions for the aerospace and composites industries, we are pleased to announce our participation as an exhibitor at the SAMPE 2024 Conference. The event will be held May 20-23 at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, California.

STAXX Product Family in Focus at JEC March 5-7

Broetje-Automation proudly introduces the STAXX Family at JEC, showcasing an 8 tow STAXX Flex endeffector. The STAXX Family is a transformative suite of automated fiber placement (AFP) solutions designed to redefine manufacturing processes in the Factory of the Future. From the compact and cost-effective STAXX Box to the high-performance capabilities of the 16 tow STAXX Flex System, each member of this innovative family represents a peak of adaptability, versatility, and reliability. With cutting-edge features and a commitment to process-adapted production, the STAXX AFP Family stands at the forefront of revolutionizing automated fiber placement, starting a new era of precision and efficiency in composite manufacturing.