Continuous Preforming System CCPS

The Continuous Composite Preforming System is an integrated pre-cure stacking, cutting and forming unit that allows the automatic pre-forming of various profile types in a continuous (endless) process. The Continuous Composite Preforming System has been developed by Broetje-Automation in close collaboration with its customers and is individually adaptable to customer needs for various types of shapes and forms. 

Technical Data

  • Material storage: 21 creels up to 600mm diam. (approx. 140m BiAx material with 495gsm) 
  • 98 Servo drives 
  • 19 drop units to allow various stack sequences from 2 to 21 layers 
  • 31 controlled heating devices 
  • Machine width: 3.8m  
  • Machine height: 2.6m 
  • Machine length: 44m (Adjustable to required floor space) 
  • 2 logic controllers 
  • 12 proportional flow valves 
  • 226 pneumatic position switches 
A long aerospace composite structure is preformed and cutted.

Eight steps in one automated Line. From stacking to cutting and forming the automated process is a efficient way to produce long components.

Special Features

  • Easy loading / unloading of material storage with quick release mechanism 
  • Build up of various stack sequences and applications with several reinforcement types (width/length, contour – foot to web transition) 
  • Ultrasonic in-process trimming unit cuts through fully consolidated preform 
  • Trimming of flange and web area 
  • Lateral cut on the fly to desired preform length without process interruption 
  • Heating and stabilization of complex profile stack 
  • cross section forming to desired final contour with adaptable web and flange length 
  • Automatic gap filler inseration unit 
  • Large-area drive units which exert only low shearing forces on the fibres 
  • Curvature and joggle forming 
A continuous structure runs through the automated CCPS system and is formed by the rollers and heated at the same time.

The Continuous Preforming System (CCPS) enables the production of large components in the length required by the customer.

CCPS Product Information

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