Light Robotics

Light Automation Toolkit For Collaborative Robotics

Broetje-Automation‘s modular framework light and collaborative robotics allows the integration of a wide range of manufacturing processes as well as multiple configurations on mobile or stationary platforms.

Applications are focused on supporting manual workflows where full automation is not possbile or accessibility is not suitable for industrial robots. Collaborative robots (CoBots) assist workers in their daily tasks by supporting unergonomic or repetitive tasks. They increase value creation and improve quality as well as productivity.

Advantages of Light Robotic solutions by Broetje-Automation

  • Modular Platform for Collaborative Robots / Light Robotics
  • Fully integrated Systems for multiple applications and processes
  • Accelerating manual workflows
  • Utilization of the same workspace like humans
  • Inherent safety features allow the robots to work right next to and in interaction with humans
  • Data collector to IT-systems
  • Impact compensation on demographic factors on both availability of workforce as well as improvement on ergonomics
Human-robot collaboration

CoBots enable true human-robot collaboration (HRC)

Industry-Ready Applications

Broetje-Automation provides a wide range of technologies to support your production processes with light robotic automation. Our focus lays on processes that provide added value on the part, such as:

  • Sanding – simple robot programming with no code, just by pushing the button
  • Sealing – Cap-, Fillet-, Edge-Sealing in automatic or semi-automatic mode
  • Drilling -ADU Template-Drilling for multiple Materials, including countersink or deburring for holes 
  • Fastening – single-sided fastener installation with fully automatic process
  • Collar installation – dedicated Cobot end-effector with sensors for position and normality integrated
  • Quality Assurance – Contactless optical measurement or customized sensorics
  • Multi-system Operation – Smart coordination of multiple Cobots in work enviroments via Digital Twin Integration
  • Disinfection – Mobile Disinfection unit for applications in industry, transportation or health care 
Cobot Process Applications

Broetje-Automation provides process automation via light robotics for numerous processes


Easily adjustable, high precison sanding system based on a Cobot with tailormade end-effector

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Vertical END2END: Showcase for Digitalisation in the Factory of the Future in Varel

  • Published on 18 March
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Cap, Fillet-, Edge-Sealing in automatic or semi-automatic mode

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Special Features

  • Full process integration by Broetje-Automation 
  • State-of-the-art safety systems including CE conformance
  • Intelligent collision avoidance and force feedback systems => superb safety
  • Modular design => Ability for wide ranged use and easy tooling conversion
  • Scalable AGV platforms as well as static platform available
  • High Performance end effectors for multiple applications
  • Open controller platform for high customization
  • Human Machine Interface for efficent and effective operation
  • Collection of production data allows for easy process improvement
Sanding Cobot Application

Tailormade Sanding System for human-robot collaboration

Cobots Product Information

Please download more technical details on our Light Robotic products here.


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Meet Broetje-Automation at SAMPE 2024

Broetje-Automation to present AFP solutions at SAMPE 2024 conference

As a leading provider of advanced manufacturing solutions for the aerospace and composites industries, we are pleased to announce our participation as an exhibitor at the SAMPE 2024 Conference. The event will be held May 20-23 at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, California.

The German Delegation at the IPF Offshore Partnering Forum in New Orleans

The Future of Wind Turbine Production – Broetje-Automation showcases automates solutions at the IPF Offshort Partnering Forum in New Orleans

Latest developments for the offshore wind energy and green hydrogen sector were discussed at the IPF Offshore Partnering Forum from April 23 – 25 in New Orleans. Under the umbrella of the German Wind Industry and Hydrogen Association WAB e.V. Broetje-Automation showcased innovative solutions for the factory of future for wind turbine production.
Represented by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection in cooperation with the Trade Fair Committee of German Business the German Pavillon brought together a broad spectrum of competences from many companies along the entire wind energy value chain. “Stronger together” was the leading WAB motto and program for three days of networking!