C-Frame Panel Assembly Cell

The C-Frame Panel Assembly Cell (CPAC) is a high performance panel riveting system. The system is one of the best-selling fastening machine concepts world-wide. It is ideal to fasten small to very large sized skin and wing panels. The CPAC achieves fastest cycle times, while maintaining superb component quality. The highly adaptable system can be configured with a flexible fixture tooling to allow high workpiece flexibility as well as easy production process integration.

The CPAC´s compact design and adjustable station layout enables efficient use of precious shop floor space while keeping investment in building infrastructure to a minimum. The C-frame positioning system can be moved and thus maintained independently from the workpiece positioning system. The workpiece can be loaded vertically as well as horizontally.

With more than 50 installations world-wide the system is well proven in production.

Technical Data


  • Capacity: up to 21ea rivets/min  
  • Drill spindle feed: up to 300“/min (7,620 mm/min) 
  • Drill speed: 50 – 18,000 rpm  
  • Material: Aluminum / Titanium / Composite 
  • Countersink repeatability: ± 0.0006” (± 0.015 mm) 
  • Optional 10/32“ (7.9 mm) 
  • Fastener diameter (standard tool): 4/32“ – 8/32“ (3.2 mm – 6.4 mm) 
  • Upset force: up to 18,000 lbs (8,000 daN) 
  • Clamping force: 110 – 1,543 lbs (50 – 700 daN) 

Positioning System 

  • Linear axes X, Y and Z  
  • Rotary axes A, B, C 
  • Positioning accuracy linear axis: ± 0.2 mm 
  • Positioning accuracy rotary axis: ± 60 arc sec. 
A fuselage structure is clamped on the component carrier and is being processed by the cpac.

The CPAC is a fully electronic fastening system for efficient processing of various components.

Special Features

  • All electric fastening system
  • High speed tool changer for drill chuck and upper anvils
  • High speed / precise drill spindle
  • Sensoric system for: Distance, Normality, Tack-rivet, Countersink Depth, Fastener Head Height, Hole Diameter, Sealant (on shaft or in counter sink)
  • Edge detection system on lower tool
  • Automated fastener feeding system
  • Customer specific design of staging equipment for best ergonomics
  • Offline Programming System (SOUL OLPS) incl. Virtual Twin Integration, Simulation and Production Optimization Tools
  • Integrated state-of-the-art Human Machine Interface (SCORE) incl. 3D workpiece completion reports
  • Optional slug fasteners
  • Optional collar installation
  • Optional automatic lower tool changer
Countersink measurement with the SCALE sensoric system.

The SCALE sensory measuring system, integrated as standard, provides the data for a complete process control.

CPAC Product Information

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