Mobile Systems

As a mechanical engineering company for automation solutions, we not only offer applications for the manufacturing process of components, but also mobile solutions for production-related transport and mobility concepts. Our portfolio ranges from AGVs in various sizes to entire automated transport systems for large components and solutions for individual applications. The different systems are customizable and can be tailored to all customer requirements. 

Universal Carrier System AGV

A mobile platform with different sizes and configuration options. This system can be used for machines and robotic systems to increase flexibility in the production hall. But not only automated machines can be placed on this system – it can also be used in the logistic field and transport components between assembly stations.

FastPlant Conveyor System

A system that brings the transportation of assembly parts to the next level. The loading and unloading process of different parts is made easier than ever before with this system. It increases the fast transport between the working stations with a flexible adaption to different material flow layouts.

Special Purpose Systems

To increase the flexibility you need for your individual, demanding project, Broetje-Automation is able to support your ideas and implement them with the help of our many years of experience in the field of automation.

Mobile Systems Product Information

Please download more technical details on our Mobile Systems here.

Thomas Oetken, Business Development Broetje-Automation and Kerstin Fennen, Project Manager Wind Power projects

Steady Winds are Rising – Broetje-Automation shows innovative approaches for the industrialization of turbine production

Broetje-Automation has consistently pushed the boundaries of automation technology, delivering state-of-the-art solutions that enhance productivity, efficiency, and safety. Nowadays this knowledge is used in wind turbine manufacturing and assembly processes. With a commitment to sustainability and a focus on customer-centricity, the company’s presence at the Husum Wind Expo from September 12 to 15 is set to showcase its latest advancements and engage with industry stakeholders.

Tailored, Digital, Mobile, Sustainable – Successful Showcasing at 54th Paris Airshow

The 54th Paris Airshow at the Le Bourget Exhibition Center from June 17-25, 2023 was a great success for the Broetje-Automation team. Broetje-Automation Group showcased its state-of-the-art automation solutions tailored specifically for the aerospace industry. One of the highlights was the latest innovation in robotic sealing application. The live performing collaborative robot caused many visitors to stop and take a look.