Special Purpose Systems

Individual solutions for our customers

Collaboration makes us strong. We deliver high-tech know-how and technical expertise for the design and construction of individual special systems. For the flexible transport of heavy loads such as aircraft fuselages, small flying machines such as helicopters or other heavy constructions that need to be transported over a long distance, we will find solutions to your challenge. From the initial idea to the finished product, Broetje-Automation competently accompanies you every step of the way.

Cargo Loader

The Cargoloader is a heavy-duty machine. This high-tech solution was specially developed for large components and heavy loads. So that the components can be transported safely and easily to their destination. Thanks to optical systems, the load is transferred to the cargo aircraft without any contact between the loader and the aircraft. With the help of the integrated conveyor system, loading is easy and uncomplicated despite bulky components.

Loading a cargo aircraft with a partially assembled aircraft.

Easy sensory loading and unloading of large components.

Mobile Platforms

Platforms are useful for different applications. Since customer requirements vary from a wide range of use-cases, we are committed to developing the appropriate systems each time. With this multi-functional platform, technical maintenance and weather protected shelter are possible for smaller aerical vehicles like helicopters and drones. The four drive units ensure a safe transport even with a small radius of movement, so that uneven terrain and slight inclines are no obstacle.

* This is an example and may not be fitting for your individual requirements. Get in contact and find the right solution for you.


Platform for safe transportation of aerical vehicles.

Transport platform for flight objects such as helicopters or aerical vehicles. A safe option even with inclined terrain.

Mobile Machines

The future is mobile. As production planning becomes more volatile, it is crucial to build flexible processes with machines you can rely on. For fast and flexible manufacturing, our machines can be placed on mobile carrier systems to bring the machines to the desired workstation in your production. Customized automated systems for your Factory of the Future – Made in Germany.

The Power RACe Robot Assembly Cell implemented on a mobile platform for clean shopfloor concepts.

Enable the mobility of heavy automated systems with the help of Broetje-Automation's specially designed AGV for advanced clean shopfloor concepts.

Technical Data

  • Dimension of the vehicle approximately widt6,000 mm length 35,000 mm height
  • 2,200 mm (lowered)
  • stroke 3,700 mm
  • Vehicle own weight 150,000 kg
  • Payload 50,000 kg
  • Self-driving transport and loading vehicle
  • Diesel-hydraulic operation system
  • Hydraulic suspension system
  • Hydraulic lifting stroke of 3,700 mm
  • Optical sensor positioning system
  • Maximum speed 10 km/h
  • Different sizes and navigation systems
  • From small to large cargo loads
  • Easy and complex automation levels available
  • LIDAR autonomous navigation and mapping possible
  • Different Systems and configurations possible
  • Move heavy automated systems easily with the latest technology and only two workers
  • Ask for your specific requirements and we will find a tailormade solution for your individual needs

Broetje-Automation shows latest innovations at the Upcoming Shanghai Airshow

The Shanghai Airshow invites aviation enthusiasts and industry professionals to showcase the latest advancements in aerospace technology for the civil aviation sector. Starting November 23 to 25 Broetje-Automation welcomes participants as part of the German Pavillion at booth A10-1 to engage in interesting conversation about high-tech solutions and products that shape the present and future of aircraft manufacturing. 

Broetje-Automation Welcomes Innovators from the Sustainability Network NorthWest in Rastede

Companies from northwestern Germany gathered at Broetje-Automation GmbH on November 15th as part of the Sustainability Network NorthWest to explore the sustainability strategy and engage in detailed discussions. Broetje-Automation, representing mechanical engineering, showcased innovative projects as part of its sustainability efforts during the meeting. The event featured a comprehensive company presentation, a tour of the assembly hall, and lively discussions on current sustainability challenges and collaborative solutions among the diverse participants from finance, retail, logistics and engineering.