Universal Carrier System AGV

The Universal Carrier System is a modular, scalable AGV platform (AGV – Autonomous Guided Vehicle). It is highly configurable and the ideal solution for industrial manufacturing environments. From small cobots to complex machines and logistics systems, Broetje-Automation offers AGVs based on the Universal Carrier System with a large variety of load capacity and high-precision positioning. The innovative SLAM navigation system is based on latest LIDAR technology.

Combined with the proprietary omnidirectional wheel technology* the system offers highest flexibility, robustness and precision for your production environment. Proven standard components ensure low operating costs and easy maintenance. In combination with our state-of-the-art software, the universal carrier system is perfectly qualified for clean floor automation in industrial production.


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Technical Data

Special Features

360° Wheel Design

  • Universally scalable for all platforms
  • No angle of rotation limit – endless steering movement
  • Simple design with standard, off-the-shelf parts
  • Assures robustness, no moved cables

Control and Navigation

  • Safe Hand Pendant Operation (wireless or cable as backup)
  • Camera and LIDAR based SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) including path planning
  • Monitoring and control can be done with mobile clients

Customized Design

  • Load and form can be designed according to task
  • Scalable capabilities by size and number of wheels
  • Standardized o-the-shelf components
  • Power storage on the plattform
  • Optional lifting axis for stabilization, locking devices to fix load or standard containers, any kind of position controlled axis or couplers
The lined up tire components for 360° rotation capabilities before assembly.

Make the most of the shopfloor space and use multifunction tires for care-free transportation.

Universal Carrier System Product Information

Download our product flyer for more detailed information about the AGV´s.

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