Key Enabling Services

Service support in various forms rounds off the Broetje-Automation product portfolio. Thus, the service team supports our customers from the beginning of the project to the last life cycle of the machine. From consulting, factory planning, implementation and project management to upgrades and modifications or retrofits of third-party machines as well as training opportunities for machine operators – service is an indispensable tool to satisfy our customers.

Our global service locations provide fast and reliable support around the clock across all time zones to reduce downtime and the strain on financial resources. Thanks to experienced staff, most problems that arise can be solved over the phone. Should personal support be required, our staff will be at your site in the shortest possible time.

In terms of environmentally friendly resource management, our retrofits for third-party machines are a good way to extend the life cycle of existing machines. Through software updates and sophisticated machine optimizations, outdated machines can improve their production parameters and remain in production much longer than calculated – thus increasing our customers’ return on investment.

As part of the intelligent product portfolio, the service units make an important contribution to the overall success of the many projects carried out by Broetje-Automation.

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New Managing Director appointed for BA Services

Heinrich Giere has been appointed as new Managing Director of BA Services GmbH. With effect from 01 March 2019, he took over the management of the service subsidiary of Broetje-Automation. He succeeds Lutz Neugebauer, who took over responsibility as Managing Director of the entire Broetje Group at the beginning of January.