As sustainability gains more importance, retrofitting existing machines is a cost-saving way to prolong the life-cycle of already installed production systems. Our team offers 10 years of knowledge in this field to advise our customers with the best outcome possible.

Retrofits are a sustainable solution to prolong the life cycle of outdated systems that would soon be replaced. With the retrofitting options from Broetje-Automation those machines can be kept in service much longer with an increase in productivity.  Offering a sustainable solution that enables many opportunities.


A modular design of the Broetje-Automation fastening lines allows for the latest state-of-the-art technology to be implemented, even after many years of operation. Modernization measures upgrade the riveting lines with the latest technology and evoke higher levels of automation and less machine downtime.

The increase in the degree of automation brings a significant change. The installation of tool change systems with a higher level of automation and a new digital NC control system ensures that the machine operator can run the system even more easily and intuitively. In addition, intelligent sensor-controlled monitoring and smart camera systems improve the quality of production and ensure even greater process reliability.

Retrofitted Integrated Panel Assembly Cell.

Retrofits enable lower maintenance intensity and additionally reducing maintenance costs while bringing the machines to the newest safety standards.

Sustainable opportunity for production systems

Retrofits provide a big lever to improve efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint of the production system at the same time. Retrofits have the advantage of providing similar production efficiency compared to a new system but save shopfloor time and reduce the carbon footprint by re-using parts of the system.

Besides the efficiency and productivity gains of the individual machines, retrofits expand the component spectrum, allowing manufacturers to edit larger components after the retrofit.

Two workers on the endeffector of a production system.

Retrofitting existing equipment ensures and improves optimal operation for the future.

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New Managing Director appointed for BA Services

Heinrich Giere has been appointed as new Managing Director of BA Services GmbH. With effect from 01 March 2019, he took over the management of the service subsidiary of Broetje-Automation. He succeeds Lutz Neugebauer, who took over responsibility as Managing Director of the entire Broetje Group at the beginning of January.