Upgrades & Modifications

Existing machines can be adapted to new conditions on the shopfloor through Broetje-Automation’s services for upgrades and modifications. New possibilities arise from the modified systems, such as an increase in efficiency. Together with our customers we find individual solutions for the new requirements and show the corresponding configuration possibilities. A distinction is made between upgrades and modifications. The new range of functional features, brings an optimized production situation.

The factory of the future includes intelligent process integration and adaptive competencies to be flexible enough to adjust to different situations on the shop floor. Together with our customers, we already manage to enable future-oriented high-tech production today


Adapting to changes in the production process does not have to be complicated. Our upgrades department specializes in extending the functionality of various systems to adapt them to new customer specifications. In this way, a wide range of industrial applications can be implemented and reconfigured in an existing machine – A sustainable alternative to buying new systems.

Upgrade of a skin riveting system.

Sustainable, efficient and with lower maintenance requirements.


The portfolio is extended by modifications. This involves adapting the production system to new conditions, such as new structures to be produced on the machine. Therefore, it may be necessary to adapt the tool configurations of the existing systems to the new parameters.

Electrical check of a mobile system.

New control units enable the implementation of high-end solutions.

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VE2E: Research project for the development of the factory of the future a complete success

It began as a promising vision in July 2021 and has now come to a successful conclusion: the research project “Vertically integrated, sustainable end-to-end factory (VE2E)” for the development of a digital Factory of the Future. At the beginning of March, the forward-looking results of the research project were presented to a wide audience at Premium AEROTEC’s Varel site.

Aircraft Production goes “GREEN” – Broetje-Automation Collaborates with Airbus Aerostructures to Promote Sustainable and Resource-Efficient Production

Broetje-Automation has successfully collaborated with a broad industry consortium to identify ways to reduce the environmental impact of today’s production facilities. The “GREEN” project, a joint initiative of a consortium of partners including OFFIS e.V., DLR e.V., ProIng and Broetje-Automation GmbH under the leadership of AIRBUS Aerostructures, developed measures to reduce the power consumption of old systems by up to 85% in certain areas of application. Overall, especially retrofitting older systems allows significant contributions towards a more sustainable industrial production.