Smart Factory

Digitalization and intelligent resource management lead to advanced factories. At Broetje-Automation, we are leading experts for large turnkey projects in the aerospace industry. That’s why we advise our customers from start to finish for a custom-fit solution tailored to their specifications.

The planning phase is the beginning of projects that often last many years. Together with our customers we evaluate their specifications, requirements and advise them with our knowledge to show even better result possibilities.

Control of production lines in conjunction with high-tech digital solutions offer the next big step towards greater efficiency, time savings and ease of management in production. The networked digital line management solutions provide a deep understanding of the overall process and reveal previously unimagined potential for improvement.

The Smart Factory contains advanced high-tech systems that enable intelligent and connected production, giving workers the tools to control more machines and increase production rates. Smooth, controlled, lean and efficient processes lead to the Factory of the Future.

Flowering Meadows at Broetje-Automation Rastede

Broetje-Automation invests in Sustainability

As part of a comprehensive sustainability strategy, Broetje-Automation continues to invest in the future-proof orientation of the company. To this end, the automation expert from Northern Germany has carried out an extensive planting campaign at the Rastede site together with the Oldenburg-based start-up ImmerBunt GmbH. 25 fruit trees, flowering meadows and shrubs as well as a newly settled bee colony not only contribute to environmental and climate protection, but also improve the working environment for the employees.

Networking at Trade Show

Broetje-Automation Showcases High-Tech Solutions at Paris Airshow

The Paris Airshow is opening its gates from June 19 to 25. It is expected with pleasure to participate in this prestigious trade show. Broetje-Automation Group represents innovation and cutting-edge technology and is ready to showcase its exceptional products and services to a global audience of aviation enthusiasts and industry experts.