Automated Isolation Gown Production


BreakThrough for Medical Gown Production

Broetje-Automation and STARK Medical have jointly developed an integrated production system for non-woven fabrics in order to produce medical gowns with a fully automated concept. The STARK G500 will enable local supply chains, and contribute to the stability of supplying critical goods for the medical sector.

Local automated production will result in a highly efficient supply chain, vendor diversification, competitive price and will minimize any current or new geopolitical disruption.

In addition, a recycling program resulting in material reutilization will significantly reduce the environmental footprint.

The Stark G500 is the missing key to a fully automated gown production. The full process from raw material coil to a fully packed disposable isolation gowns (level II) is  covered.

The system is designed for high-speed production and includes quality assurance as well as traceability of the entire production.
The tailored production concept ensures a maximum material usage and minimum energy consumption and reaches an unseen cost effectiveness.

Outsourcing of labor intensive processes to low wage regions are not only leading to supply chain vulnerabilities, but also to higher environmental and social costs. The Stark G500 onshores the production of isolation gowns close to the customer at competitive costs. Supply chain risks are reduced significantly and the supply is independent from any geopolitical disruption.

Local automated production will not only result in a highly efficient and resilient supply chain but also creates jobs and added value in the home markets.

The Health Sector Pledge aims to reduce its carbon footprint by 50% in 2030 and be neutral by 2050. Supply chain accounts for about 80% of emissions.
The STARK G500 adresses 2 major fields for carbon reduction:

  • Reduced carbon footprint through local production and less logistic efforts
  • Recycling of used PPE material: The STARK G500 works with virgin PP as well as with recycled PP.

The STARK G500 is easy to operate. Only minor training is required for machine operators. Additionally, the machine design is highly maintenance friendly.

Each combination of spunbond and meltblown material stacks (SMS, SMMS, SSMMS, …) can be processed by the machine.

Wear parts are reduced to a minimum, and all relevant components are easy accessible.
The system is equipped with all relevant safety devices to ensure that no person can be harmed, and to ensure that the production cannot be interrupted accidentally.

Induvidual logos / brands / information will be printed to each gown.

More than 500.000 Gowns per Month

Machine Operations and Maintenance

The system is designed for continuous operation on 7 days per week. Necessary maintenance efforts e.g. for cleaning, refill of ink, belt material tape are reduced to a minimum and fully incorporated into the operational concept.

Therefore continuous operation throughout the year is ensured. The Stark G500 reaches an exceptional performance.

Resulting production rates are possible beyond 500.000 gowns per month per machine.

Gown Production Line

Gown Production Line

95% Fabric Usage Efficiency

Standardized Modules for High Performance

The Stark G500 reaches high levels of automation with minimal operation requirements. One Operator can handle up to 2 machines simultaneously via central control panels for all relevant functions. The production can be loaded and unloaded with Spunbond/Meltblown/Spunbond (SMS) material independently from the production process thanks to a decoupled material supply unit.

Standardized systems for multiple processes integrated into the machine require minimal intervention.

The system also integrates an automated packaging solution for plastic film, boxes and pallets with a standardized refilling solution for minimal worker interaction.

Stark G500_Material Supply Unit

Stark G500_Material Supply Unit

Industry 4.0 ready

Footprint and Utilities

The STARK G500 provides an eco-friendly, efficient industrial design and set-up. The electric 480VAC / 60Hz power supply is combined with a 6bar pneumatic system to ensure full operationability at low operational consumption.

The system requires minimal shopfloor space (131ft length, 23ft width).

The integrated data connection enables remote access and maintenance services at high level of accessibility through a proprietary cloud based platform.

Level II Isolation Gown

The STARK G500 is capable to produce state-of-the-art level II isolation gowns