Factory Planning

Automated solutions and a holistic approach in the planning of new production facilities are Broetje Automation’s area of expertise. Tailor-made concepts ensure optimal utilization of hall capacities and individual planning of the shopfloor. The solutions vary in scope and range from an entire hall layout to the planning of partial areas. Comprehensive optimization of factory logistics and increased efficiency can be achieved through expert planning and long-standing expertise.

A systematic planning approach from the first sketch to the complete factory layout in 3D ensures full satisfaction of the customer, who is closely involved in the development of the concept right from the start. This is the only way to achieve outstanding results that exceed the customer’s expectations – together we create the concept and implementation of the future and its high-tech solutions.

Broetje-Automation shows latest innovations at the Upcoming Shanghai Airshow

The Shanghai Airshow invites aviation enthusiasts and industry professionals to showcase the latest advancements in aerospace technology for the civil aviation sector. Starting November 23 to 25 Broetje-Automation welcomes participants as part of the German Pavillion at booth A10-1 to engage in interesting conversation about high-tech solutions and products that shape the present and future of aircraft manufacturing. 

Broetje-Automation Welcomes Innovators from the Sustainability Network NorthWest in Rastede

Companies from northwestern Germany gathered at Broetje-Automation GmbH on November 15th as part of the Sustainability Network NorthWest to explore the sustainability strategy and engage in detailed discussions. Broetje-Automation, representing mechanical engineering, showcased innovative projects as part of its sustainability efforts during the meeting. The event featured a comprehensive company presentation, a tour of the assembly hall, and lively discussions on current sustainability challenges and collaborative solutions among the diverse participants from finance, retail, logistics and engineering.