Work 4.0 HMI

SCORE features an integrated and intuitive human-machine interface that reduces operator training requirements while increasing machine productivity and quality. By minimizing fatigue, errors and training, the system ensures that users can focus on their tasks. This leads to improved consistency in production.

In addition, SCORE has built-in online diagnostic capabilities that provide real-time feedback and guidance to the operator. This feature helps to ensure that practitioners are aware of any issues or errors and can take corrective action as quickly as possible. By providing this support, SCORE helps to improve machine uptime, reduce downtime and increases the overall productivity.

Intuitive User-Experience

Intuitive operation and a simple user interface characterize SCORE. All necessary process parameters and data are mapped with this program and guide the user through the individual work steps.

Simple user interface for different types of machines.

Applicable on different machines SCORE offers a simple user interface for high-tech machines.


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