Offline Programming System

Brotje-Automations offline programming solution based on Catia exceeds the requirements of our customers. Based on real time machine data many features have been developed over the past 20 years that make preparation, operation and optimization much easier than before.

The SOUL OLPS solution offers valuable features like offline programming, machine simulation based on real time machine data, data collection for optimized diagnostics, job control to ensure the correct programs are run in-sequence as well as other high rated features to plan, oversee and optimize production.

The Highlights of SOUL NC

The software isan industry-leading off-line programming System based on Catia V5. With this system, users can create, simulate, and optimize NC programs that follow a first-time-right-approach. One of its key features is the ability to generate native machine-ready code without the need for a post-processor.

SOUL OLPS uses Siemens VNCK for the most accurate virtual machine simulation, which helps to minimize the risk of errors and improve the overall efficiency of the programming process. Furthermore, the system also offers fast program edits, with automated NC program updating for changed CAD and process data.

Another advantage of OLPS is the minimal implementation time required for new machines, as well as support for 3rd party machines. All this comes with no annual license costs to bring the factory of the future to our customers shopfloor.

Insights into the offline programmin solution SOUL OLPS.

Gain an insight into the SOUL OLPS solution offered by Broetje-Automation.

Networking at Trade Show

Broetje-Automation Showcases High-Tech Solutions at Paris Airshow

The Paris Airshow is opening its gates from June 19 to 25. It is expected with pleasure to participate in this prestigious trade show. Broetje-Automation Group represents innovation and cutting-edge technology and is ready to showcase its exceptional products and services to a global audience of aviation enthusiasts and industry experts.

Broetje-Automation Demonstrates Automated Fiber Placement With Recycled Carbon Fibers – STAXX One Completes AFP Product Family

  • Published on 26 April 2023

Broetje-Automation lays the foundation for more sustainability in composite production. With the STAXX One, the latest member of the STAXX Fiber Placement product family, the industry-ready automated processing of recycled carbon fibers has now been successfully demonstrated. In this way, Broetje-Automation is supporting the transformation of the composite industry towards a sustainable production in the factory of the future.