Operational Tooling

Aircraft structure assembly requires clean shopfloor organization, part protection and equipment requirements around the main assembly processes. This range of specially designed lifting devices, equipment and protection helps our customers to better master the manufacturing work and organization in the secondary processes of assembly and component protection. In the factory of the future, every tool, every piece of equipment has its place to enable more efficient, ergonomic work.


Protecting assembly structures weather for transport or in storage. Special protections are the key to proper storage of components until original assembly.

Lifting Devices

Moving and lifting various structures with specialized equipment can be found under this branch.

Line Side Equipment

As manual and automated operations go hand in hand, we provide our customers with quality equipment such as tool carts, lifts, ladders and more to round out the workflow and production.

Ground Support Equipment

Improved and robust ground handling equipment is the key to smooth aircraft handling on the ground. Our broad product portfolio meets the high demands of our customers, whether it is barriers, trolleys and other equipment.

Aircraft Production goes “GREEN” – Broetje-Automation Collaborates with Airbus Aerostructures to Promote Sustainable and Resource-Efficient Production

Broetje-Automation has successfully collaborated with a broad industry consortium to identify ways to reduce the environmental impact of today’s production facilities. The “GREEN” project, a joint initiative of a consortium of partners including OFFIS e.V., DLR e.V., ProIng and Broetje-Automation GmbH under the leadership of AIRBUS Aerostructures, developed measures to reduce the power consumption of old systems by up to 85% in certain areas of application. Overall, especially retrofitting older systems allows significant contributions towards a more sustainable industrial production.