SCALE Sensor System

Automated drill hole measurement

Precision is one of our many qualities. To optimize tolerances in the factory of the future, we use drill hole measurement technology for our fastening systems. This improves the drill hole quality and prevents incorrect positioning. The drill hole and countersink parameters are measured with a dual camera system which provide reliable results even when there is dust on the surface. To achieve this, Broetje-Automation provides eight measurement tools depending on the customers needs that provide a complete range of drill hole measurement data and prevent unreliable test results as far as possible. The selection of measurement methods include hole probe measurement, chip detection open hole, drill hole diameter measurement, countersink diameter measurement, color detection, position sensor, dual position sensor and a normality sensor. With an overall process accuracy of 0.025mm/0.001″ for the drill hole measurement it increases the quality of the structure immensly.

Measuring Modules

  • Position Sensor/ Dual PSen
  • Normality Sensor (NSen)
  • Color Detection (CODT)
  • Countersink Diameter Measurement System (CDMS)
  • Drill Hole Diameter Measurement System (DDMS)
  • Chip Detection Open Hole (CDOH)
  • Hole Probe Measurement (HPMS)
  • Fastener Measurement System (FRMS)
  • Sealant Check Open Hole (SCOH)
  • Sealant Check Close Hole (SCCH)
  • Edge Trace Monitoring System (ETMS)
Hole probe measurement for excellent accuracy and quality.

Hole probe measurement for excellent accuracy and quality.

Broetje-Automation GmbH and Guanglian Aviation Industry Co., Ltd. Join Forces for the Development of Civil Aviation in China

  • Published on 23 November 2023

At a signing ceremony held during the Shanghai Airshow, key leaders from Huarui Aerospace Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Broetje-Automation GmbH, and Guanglian Aviation Industry Co., Ltd. gathered to mark the commencement of a collaboration to support the production of the Chinese-built widebody airliner.

Broetje-Automation shows latest innovations at the Upcoming Shanghai Airshow

The Shanghai Airshow invites aviation enthusiasts and industry professionals to showcase the latest advancements in aerospace technology for the civil aviation sector. Starting November 23 to 25 Broetje-Automation welcomes participants as part of the German Pavillion at booth A10-1 to engage in interesting conversation about high-tech solutions and products that shape the present and future of aircraft manufacturing.