Smart Factory

How we shape the future of production

Flexibility, Throughput, Quality and Resilience

Manufacturing and production systems of the future need to quickly follow production fluctuations and cost reductions, while they in the same time need to take the quality of the products to a new level of perfection.

The vision of Industry 4.0 and in particular the smart factory is to establish digitalization in industry and manufacturing and thus to facilitate and optimize production. Through communication within the smart production system, the factory itself can make adjustments during production. In this way, bottlenecks are avoided and free resources are used as efficiently as possible.

Broetje-Automation assists during all the steps to establish your factory of the future in order to bring this complex task to an outstanding outcome. Our lines enable highly flexible, efficient, and precise production for our customers. We provide the right machines and systems to fulfill this vision.

Smart Factory Planning: The right concept for each challenge

Production studies are the key for successful realization of the Factory of the Future. No matter if it is a production relocation or an optimization of capacity or work flow, our experienced know-how will provide you the best solution for your challenge.

We analyze business cases for automation in your field of production utilizing decades of experience with commercial engineering in the aerospace industry.

The dynamic simulation of production processes with SIMIO helps us to optimize logistics as well as verify station capacities. Animations of the designed factory layout give you the chance to visit your future production facility prior to realization.​

With the integrated Human Machine Interface SCORE, it is easy to connect several STAXX Compact to a line management system.

With the integrated Human Machine Interface SCORE, it is easy to connect several STAXX Compact to a line management system.

Digitalization is the key to the Factory of the Future

In the Factory of the Future, the entire production system is digitally interconnected and fully integrated.

On example is the handling of NC programs:

Based on the combination of a Digital Twin, a tight integration of all controls and Broetje’s Offline Programming System SOUL OLPS V5, a live simulation of all NC programs can be performed even during the programming cycle.

This not only dramatically speeds up NC programming. With real NC-Machine data, it is also possible to avoid emerging problematic situations and collision risks to keep the quality level high and production costs low.

The digital MES integration of both lines with the latest development stage of Broetje’s Line Management System leads to a successful integration of complex components of an assembly line towards the Factory of the Future.

A shared labor pool including exchangeable NC programs and a detailed data collection ensure full visibility of each state of production in real time. For this the SOUL Job Control software enables far-reaching (re-)organization of work orders for each machine via a digital interconnected backbone, if necessary. NC-programs can be shared and redistributed between multiple machines to optimize throughput and overall equipment efficiency of the entire line.

Visualization of a digital production line

Visualization of a digital production line

Clean Shopfloor - Mobile Machines as Basis for Future Assembly Systems

Mobile assembly systems allow continuous adaptation and optimiza-tion of production through individual job routes based on the completely free allocation of orders, resources, time, and workplace within the factory. This is achieved through an unseen level of mobility of the production systems.

Our solution: Do not move the part, move the machine!

With a specially design Universal Carrier System platform we make robotic and other systems mobile. They navigate autonomously through the shopfloor, they can share and exchange work programme and therefore reduce the physical footprint as well as emissions. They increase productivity and performance.


Universal Carrier System - Mobile-Systems

Broetje-Automation shows latest innovations at the Upcoming Shanghai Airshow

The Shanghai Airshow invites aviation enthusiasts and industry professionals to showcase the latest advancements in aerospace technology for the civil aviation sector. Starting November 23 to 25 Broetje-Automation welcomes participants as part of the German Pavillion at booth A10-1 to engage in interesting conversation about high-tech solutions and products that shape the present and future of aircraft manufacturing. 

Broetje-Automation Welcomes Innovators from the Sustainability Network NorthWest in Rastede

Companies from northwestern Germany gathered at Broetje-Automation GmbH on November 15th as part of the Sustainability Network NorthWest to explore the sustainability strategy and engage in detailed discussions. Broetje-Automation, representing mechanical engineering, showcased innovative projects as part of its sustainability efforts during the meeting. The event featured a comprehensive company presentation, a tour of the assembly hall, and lively discussions on current sustainability challenges and collaborative solutions among the diverse participants from finance, retail, logistics and engineering.