STEM at Broetje-Automation

Hands-on science, technology, engineering and mathematics

As a high-tech company, our employees are our greatest asset. With exciting activities in the field of STEM and participation in AHOI_MINT Cluster events, we encourage children and young people to develop an interest in this area. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. All areas are essential to our day-to-day work at Broetje-Automation.
The individual areas are so varied and exciting, and are often beyond the imagination of the young talents of tomorrow that we offer a glipse into the exciting world of automation. With in-house workshops and hands-on activities, we invite all interested parties to learn about STEM and its applications in real life. Immerse yourself in the exciting world of automation and robotics and learn about programming, robots, airplanes and much more.

Work together with our experts - Get on board and see for yourself!

Interested in learning about robotics, how motion is created and what happens in the background? Then our workshops are the right place for you! In a small group, you will playfully learn the basics behind the programming of our small robots that work together with humans – the cobots. Specially developed programs give you the opportunity to understand movement sequences and logic and to become creative yourself. In the end, you’ll program together with our experts and bring the cobot to life!

Experts working on the collaborative robotic system.

Robotic for young driven and interested students. Learn about robotics and the first steps of programming first hand.

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You are 12 and over? Join in on our Workshops

Have you always wanted to work with a robot and program it interactively?
That’s exactly what we offer you in our workshop.
Learn how humans and robots can work together and solve exciting tasks in a team on a real robot.

We keep the groups small to enable fun learning within three hours. As programming is part of the workshop, it is helpful to have some knowledge of programming and the form of code. However, it is not necessary to be able to program yourself.

Three to four people aged 12 and over can register at and experience the world of automation and the helpers of the factory of tomorrow – the cobots.


Write us a short e-mail ( with your age and name so that we know that you are interested. Ideally you register together in small groups (3-4 participants).

If you are registering alone it may take longer until a workshop can be realised as we are filling up the groups.

Please contact us at and we will reply as soon as possible.

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Kirsten Nöbbe

Research Project Administration

STEM Coordinator

Phone: +49 (4402) 966-134