Automated Equipment

Automation is our answer to constantly changing production requirements. We provide the equipment you need, to equip your Factory of the Future. For this purpose, we have set up a broad product portfolio from small systems to large machines, robotic solutions and mobile systems for various industrial applications – suitable for your individual requirements.

Products made for the Factory of the Future!

Tailormade and developed for the special needs in aerospace manufacturing, ship building and wind power construction. Broetje-Automation delivers special purpose machines for an organized and well-structured shopfloor that meets the high standards of our customers worldwide. Industry leading techniques such as drilling, milling, riveting, fastening and sealing are applicable to different machine systems for an optimized and highly efficient production. Explore the opportunities and machine configurations possible to efficiate your production or just learn more about our products.

Composite Systems

The production of composite parts from different materials offers highly flexible part design for individual requirements. We at Broetje-Automation offer automated solutions in this field for simple and complex components of different sizes and material compositions.
From re-formable thermoplastic materials to hard thermoset materials, handling with different composites and resins is possible. Our composite solutions offer not only the possibility to be integrated individually into an existing system, but also to be combined with our other equipment in a whole production line. Further processing of the finished component is then carried out in the next step by grinding cobots or drilling machines. This is how the workflow in the Factory of the Future is composed.

Fastening Systems

Our Fastening Systems offer various possibilities for the industrial production of different structures. Broetje-Automation offers its expertise to customize our solutions to your needs. The NC-Machines and Robotic Systems enable a cost efficient and effective way of production while reducing the space capacity needed on your shopfloor. Our mobile and flexible solutions therefore open new doors to the Factory of the Future. Versatile and flexible robotic solutions for a wide range of industrial applications. Our large maschines for complex multi-angle applications perform with utmost accuracy. The portfolio combines different applications for complex contours and guarantee highest levels of automation.

Assembly Stations

The Assembly Stations made by Broetje-Automation provide our customers individualized process integration for complex and large assemblies. We offer the right constructural solution for a range of challenging tasks with highly skilled engineers and personnel. Customized for the Factory of the Future – Made in Germany. The crucial part of unifying structures can be done automatically and with the highest accuracy by the EcoPositioner. Process your components with care and maximum efficiency and establish an excellent quality profile in this step.

Jigs & Tools

At Broetje-Automation we find solutions for various challenges around the shopfloor. This includes not only heavy machinery for industrial applications, but also a wide range of Jigs and Tools. We provide the Factory of the Future with the equipment it needs from Assembly Jigs to Side Line Equipment to flexible automated multi-positioning systems. For high-quality assembly and compliance with tolerances, Broetje-Automation offers the right equipment – whether large or compact.

Our repertoire includes Jigs and Tools such as component carriers, storage and transport carts, trailers, special process equipment such as ramps, ergonomic workstations or storage options and measuring tools but also automated solutions by implementing a flexible multipositioning system in the production machines. For even more flexibility, safety and precision.

Mobile Systems

As a mechanical engineering company for automation solutions, we not only offer applications for the manufacturing process of components, but also mobile solutions for production-related transport and mobility concepts. Our portfolio ranges from AGVs in various sizes to entire automated transport systems for large components and solutions for individual applications. The different systems are customizable and can be tailored to all customer requirements.

Marc Fette (left), CEO of CTC GmbH and his team welcomed the new robotic AFP system at the premises of CTC in Stade.

Broetje-Automation delivers STAXX One Fiber Placement System to CTC Composite Technology Center Stade

Broetje-Automation GmbH has delivered its highly innovative STAXX One Automated Fiber Placement Robot to the Composite Technology Center / CTC GmbH (An Airbus Company) in Stade, Germany. This advanced and automated fiber deposition system will be used in conjunction with the CTC and Airbus teams to create ecologically efficient and innovative composite structures, in support of a more sustainable future of mobility.

Successful SOUL OLPS Software User-Exchange at Broetje-Automation

In early March 17 participants from Germany and Switzerland gathered in Northern Germany for the annual user exchange on Broetje-Automation’s offline programming system SOUL OLPS. At the headquarter of Broetje-Automation in Rastede, Germany the NC programming experts shared insights and experiences with the system in the daily industrial application. The SOUL software suite offers simple and efficient machine programming and operation with numerous appreciated features such as real-time machine simulation or advanced programming strategies.

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