Full Service Provider

Our customers are our top priority. To ensure the highest quality, BA Services offers various levels of support. From upgrades and modifications of existing machines to retrofitting of obsolete machines, training for machine operators and finally fast support. In the factory of the future, the focus is also particularly on sustainable service options in order to offer resource-saving alternatives for longer machine operation. According to this credo, we work together with our customers to achieve the best possible solution.

A service that goes without saying for us is the quick response service, which provides support in the event of unforeseen turbulence in production and offers rapid assistance from the worldwide service locations.

Academy & Training

Customized learning experience for different employees on all levels. Learn about our systems and operate on the best level.

Industrial Service

Maintenance, repair, installation and other technical support to help our customers to optimize their production and increase efficiency.

Upgrades & Modifications

Improved functionality, performance, efficiency and safety for existing machines.


Sustainable solutions for a longer life cycle of various machines, also from third-party suppliers.

Sustainable Production of the Future – Broetje-Automation Services supports Airbus Aerostructures in major Retrofit campaign

The European Aviation industry is preparing for a significant increase in production rates, while at the same time converting the entire production to more sustainable and environmentally friendly factories. Broetje-Automation Services is currently working with Airbus Aerostructures GmbH on a major retrofit campaign to prepare the Nordenham plant for the future. The aim of the retrofit project is to equip the existing fastening systems in Nordenham with modern technology, to ensure sustainable production through reduced resource consumption and increased safety in the future.