Equipping the Factory of the Future

Our Mission

For more than forty years, we have been supporting our customers by equipping their factory of the future.

Our ambition is to keep our finger on the pulse of time with the latest high-tech solutions. With the equipment of Broetje-Automation, our customers are optimally equipped for the future.


Our Mission

Equipping the Factory of the Future

Equipping means more than just the machines and systems themselves. We provide our customers with everything they need to equip their Factory of the Future.

Our portfolio consequently includes a wide range of products from the right hardware, in-depth process integration and digitalization to profound service and support over the entire lifecycle.

Only when all components interact like a well-functioning machine and networked work becomes possible, real added value is created.

Our competence arena is the industrial shopfloor, the factory – our customers’ but also our own. This is also where research projects find their place, for future breakthrough innovation, improved work processes and sustainable employee safety.

Our focus on the future is what drives us and what we aspire to. It stands for state-of-the-art technology. This means not only technology and process know-how, but also modern competencies in organization and leadership.

Equipping the Factory of the Future

Equipping the Factory of the Future

Our Vision

Together, we set the standard for smart production systems for large structures - tailored, digital, mobile and sustainable.

With decades of experience, state-of-the-art technologies and our joint values enable us to master the major and new challenges of tomorrow’s production together with YOU, our customers.

The strengths and capabilities of our products lie

  • in the processing of large and complex components
  • in the processing of special materials and material composites
  • at the highest precision
  • at a high level of integration
  • and in digitized and flexible production

All in all, we are pioneers in opening up new markets and automating what could not previously be automated.

Together, with Broetje-Automation, you will set new standards in smart production systems for large structures. And all of this, customized, digital, mobile and sustainable.

Banner Equipping the Factory of the Future

Banner Equipping the Factory of the Future

Aircraft Production goes “GREEN” – Broetje-Automation Collaborates with Airbus Aerostructures to Promote Sustainable and Resource-Efficient Production

Broetje-Automation has successfully collaborated with a broad industry consortium to identify ways to reduce the environmental impact of today’s production facilities. The “GREEN” project, a joint initiative of a consortium of partners including OFFIS e.V., DLR e.V., ProIng and Broetje-Automation GmbH under the leadership of AIRBUS Aerostructures, developed measures to reduce the power consumption of old systems by up to 85% in certain areas of application. Overall, especially retrofitting older systems allows significant contributions towards a more sustainable industrial production.

Participating AHOI_MINT members at this year's network meeting

AHOI_MINT Cluster NordWest meets with its members at Broetje-Automation in Rastede

On November 8th, the members of the AHOI_MINT Cluster NordWest met for a joint exchange at the company Broetje-Automation GmbH in Rastede. Broetje-Automation has been actively supporting the project AHOI_MINT from the very beginning. MINT stands for mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology.