Digital Solutions

Digital implementations bring our systems to life and provide a wide range of useful applications for our customers. Our experienced software engineers bring innovative know-how and new developments to life to use data efficiently and save time.

In a digitized and connected world, data collection and analysis is the key to excellent process preparation and production standards. High-end data overview visualizes improvements and optimization opportunities. As digitalization is the main component of automation, we develop innovative ideas for the factory of the future.


An offline Programming System designed to increase the performance of each machine.


Real Machine Online Simulation for 3D production preview with collision-free virtual cameras.


Interconnectivity and process flow possibilities for different machine systems for a smart factory.


Intuitive user interface for our various production systems.

Aircraft Production goes “GREEN” – Broetje-Automation Collaborates with Airbus Aerostructures to Promote Sustainable and Resource-Efficient Production

Broetje-Automation has successfully collaborated with a broad industry consortium to identify ways to reduce the environmental impact of today’s production facilities. The “GREEN” project, a joint initiative of a consortium of partners including OFFIS e.V., DLR e.V., ProIng and Broetje-Automation GmbH under the leadership of AIRBUS Aerostructures, developed measures to reduce the power consumption of old systems by up to 85% in certain areas of application. Overall, especially retrofitting older systems allows significant contributions towards a more sustainable industrial production.