Process Technologies

Advanced, Reliable and Sophisticated

Our diverse solutions from NC machines to robot-based systems offer different possibilities for industrial applications such as sanding, sealing, drilling, riveting, automated fiber placement as well as individually adapted processes to customer requirements.

We are the reliable partner for process controlled applications!


Automated Sanding for ergonomic workspaces.


Various scaled sealing applications for corrosion protection on edges, caps and fillets.


Most accurate drilling of different diameters for the high requirements of our customers.


Our know-how in riveting technologies ensures high-quality production with the associated process capabilities.

Automated Fiber Placement

Fiber placement of various materials for advanced cfk processing.


Automated measuring system for accurate process control of fastening processes.

BA Lube

Precise finishing of materials with aerosol dry lubrication.

Automated Tool Management

The interlinked system allows automatic shrinking and unshrinking of drills into the drill chuck by heating.

Ramping Up Wind Turbine Production with Torque Systems – Broetje-Automation delivers automated equipment to Siemens Gamesa

The production of wind turbines is expected to increase drastically in the coming years. To prepare for a fast and reliable production ramp-up, Broetje-Automation supports Siemens Gamesa with automated equipment. With the delivery of an automated bolt fastening machine to the factory in Cuxhaven, the partners have reached an important milestone in the establishment of the Torque Systems product family.

PAG Varel_Event Projektabschluss_Fotografin Gesa Wendel_07.03.2024-16

VE2E: Research project for the development of the factory of the future a complete success

It began as a promising vision in July 2021 and has now come to a successful conclusion: the research project “Vertically integrated, sustainable end-to-end factory (VE2E)” for the development of a digital Factory of the Future. At the beginning of March, the forward-looking results of the research project were presented to a wide audience at Premium AEROTEC’s Varel site.