Power RACe

The Aerospace Robot

The Power RACe (Robot Assembly Cell) is a highly flexible robotic system specifically designed for the needs of the aerospace industry. It functions as an automated positioning system to perform multiple processes in one machine such as drilling, riveting, milling and other high presicion, high-force applications.  

Components such as wing box, stabilizers, fuselage etc. can be automated drilled and riveted by the mobile robot. The systems is highly standardised and relies on proven technologies with long term spare part availability. With up to 50% reduced drill times and 40% higher overall performance, the Power RACe is the ideal system to automate complex industrial manufacturing processes – suitable even on lower rate programs. 


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Technical Data

Drill end-effector

  • Drill speed: max. 24.000 rpm 
  • Drill spindle feed: up to 197 “/min / 5.000 mm/min
  • Drill diameter: up to 5/8” / 15,90 mm 
  • Countersink repeatability: ± 0,0006”/ ± 0,015 mm 
  • Clamping force: 110 – 600 lbs / 50 – 270 daN 
  • Hole quality : up to H7 

Positioning system

  • Positioning accuracy linear axis: ±0,004“/ ±0,1 mm 
  • Positioning accuracy 3D: ±0,012” / ±0,3 mm 
  • Positioning repeatability 3D: ISO9283 Value ±0,002” / ±0,06mm 
  • Work envelope : 4m x 5m x 1,5m 
  • Double bearing and master slave drive trains for highest stiffness and minimum backlash 
Part of the Power RACe project team stands proudly next to the final assembly of the machine.

Passion, vision and good project management have brought this in-house development Power RACe to life. As a team of experts, we strive to provide our customers with the best products and processes.

Special Features

  • Standardized drive train and controls 
  • Higher stiffness based on optimized machine design 
  • Maximum flexibility, no limitation to only one workpiece or workplace 
  • High speed precision drill spindle and tool changer (up to 30 places) 
  • Optional Movable platform with self-driven omni-directional wheels, stationary design or rail system 
  • Integrated automatic lifting, test piece holder and sensor calibration function 
  • Sensor Systems for Distance, Normality, Workpiece Zero Point, Tack Rivet Detection, Countersink Depth, Fastener Head Height, Hole Diameter, Sealant 
  • Observation of cartesian safety zones  
  • Closed loop position control with direct measurement systems 
  • BA Lube advanced lubrication system 
  • Vibration Drilling 
Detailed view of the Power RACe drill changer system. This aerospace robot is able to maintain high accuracy under pressure while ensuring the flexibility of a robotic system.

The Power RACe stands for highest accuracy and flexibility of different automated applications such as drilling and milling etc.

Power RACe Product Information

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Picture of the production hall web

Next Generation Assembly Technology: Offical handover of the most modern fuselage panel production line to Mitsubishi heavy industries

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) and Broetje-Automation have finalized one of the most advanced production lines in the aerospace industry. At the MHI Hiroshima factory the final fastening system of the new panel production line for the Boeing 777-X program was completed and handed over to the customer. The two production lines include nine major fastening systems and mark a big milestone towards the digitally integrated Factory of the Future.

20210505 PowerRACe web

Broetje-Automation demonstrates fully automatic installation of Ergotech® single-sided fasteners on PowerRace robotic system

For the production of each aircraft several hundred thousands of fasteners have to be installed. While mostly rivets that require a double-sided installation are used, single-sided fasteners have also become more and more popular in the industry. They are used to assemble primary and secondary aircraft structures especially in locations with limited accessibility.