Broetje-Automation is the perfect partner for advanced and specialized drilling processes. Our balanced industrial process not only improves cycle time and speed of production, but also the quality of the drilling. Advanced automated technologies such as layered drilling of various materials and vibration assisted drilling (VAD) are finding their place in the factories of today and tomorrow. To meet the diverse needs of our customers worldwide, our drilling tools expand the portfolio in this segment to include special processes such as the production of hexagonal holes, drilling without internal cooling or long tools for narrow geometries.

Incorporated into various of our systems such as our NC-Machines, the process comes alive and improves the speed, the size of the hole, the quality and last but not least expands the use of different materials.

Smart Drill Hole Positioning

Due to advanced and innovative technology the accurate positioning of drillholes can be managed automatically in the process. The optical reference system is able to skip areas based on visual cues and move to the next drilling position. This makes it easier to monitor the drilling process.

Drill hole test plate with different drill hole sizes with and without countersink depth. Due to intelligent drill hole placement, certain drill areas can be automatically omitted.

The integration of intelligent drilling processes is possible with Broetje-Automation.

  • Feedrates up to 0,25 mm/rev
  • Diameter up to 19,1 mm
  • Stack thickness up to 50 mm in titanium
  • Drill length up to 10x diameter
  • Down to IT8
  • 10 m drilling in titanium with one drill
  • 100 m drilling in aluminium with one drill
  • Aluminium/ titanium/ CFRP/ steel
  • Multimaterial stacks
  • Optional sealant
  • Optional lubrication

Tailored, Digital, Mobile, Sustainable – Successful Showcasing at 54th Paris Airshow

The 54th Paris Airshow at the Le Bourget Exhibition Center from June 17-25, 2023 was a great success for the Broetje-Automation team. Broetje-Automation Group showcased its state-of-the-art automation solutions tailored specifically for the aerospace industry. One of the highlights was the latest innovation in robotic sealing application. The live performing collaborative robot caused many visitors to stop and take a look.

Robotic Sealing on the Rise – Broetje-Automation presents Versatile and Precise Options for Automated Sealing

With the introduction of robotic sealing for a wide range of components and Cobot sealing for increased flexibility, Broetje-Automation presents high-tech sealing processes for the aerospace industry. These advanced automation solutions reduce process steps, labor hours, and costs, while ensuring reliable high-quality sealing and waste reduction, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity.