Vivian Kim Weiß

Robotic Sealing on the Rise – Broetje-Automation presents Versatile and Precise Options for Automated Sealing


With the introduction of robotic sealing for a wide range of components and Cobot sealing for increased flexibility, Broetje-Automation presents high-tech sealing processes for the aerospace industry. These advanced automation solutions reduce process steps, labor hours, and costs, while ensuring reliable high-quality sealing and waste reduction, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity.

Flexibility and high Quality for Automated Sealing Applications

Sealing plays a crucial role in aerospace manufacturing, safeguarding against environmental factors, maintaining structural integrity, and preventing fluid leakage. However, manual labor has traditionally dominated this task. The introduction of automation not only improves health and safety conditions by reducing manual labor and associated risks but also contributes to cost reduction in terms of material usage and labor qualification requirements.

Broetje-Automation’s industrial sealing automation solutions offer a wide array of features and benefits to the aerospace industry. Manufacturers can achieve significant reductions in process steps and labor hours, resulting in enhanced efficiency and productivity. These versatile solutions meet various requirements, whether implemented on assembly lines as stationary robots, mobile robots on platforms, or collaborative robots (Cobots). The ability to handle different pin and collar sizes facilitates flexible adaptation to production conditions and reduces rejects by evenly applying high-quality seal beads.

Benefits for Manufacturers

By employing fully automated robotic sealing systems or semi-automated light robotics solutions, manufacturers can harness synergy effects that increase efficiency while maintaining consistent quality. The fully automated robotic sealing system combines the precision of robotics with the capability to handle complex sealing tasks on large components, making it ideal for manufacturing operations with substantial sealing requirements. Broetje-Automation also offers semi-automated Cobot sealing, providing operational flexibility and efficiency for smaller sealing tasks that demand agility and adaptability. To enhance precision in the sealing application, advanced technologies are included solidifying Broetje-Automation’s commitment to delivering top-quality automation solutions.

After a successful start to the trade show on Monday, the number of interested visitors is steadily increasing. If you would like to experience the collaborative system in operation, please visit Broetje-Automation in hall 2c booth 338.