Norbert Steinkemper

Successful SOUL OLPS Software User Exchange at Broetje-Automation


In early March 17 participants from Germany and Switzerland gathered in Northern Germany for the annual user exchange on Broetje-Automation’s offline programming system SOUL OLPS. At the headquarter of Broetje-Automation in Rastede, Germany the NC programming experts shared insights and experiences with the system in the daily industrial application. The SOUL Software Suite offers simple and efficient machine programming and operation with numerous appreciated features such as real-time machine simulation or advanced programming strategies.

Information and Exchange for SOUL users

After an interruption due to the CORONA pandemic, the users were happy to meet again in person at Broetje-Automation’s Rastede site. During the event, participants had the opportunity to learn about the latest developments in aerospace manufacturing software solutions and how they can benefit from these advances. The event is driven by a continuous effort to improve the services offered to the customers.

Recently, the Soul Software Suite was extended with a virtual commissioning solution for machines and entire stations. This allows an efficient and fast start of production by detecting possible problems early in the machine building process. Additionally, attendees were able to experience how virtual reality simulations can be used for the optimization of processes and machine startups using Broetje-Automation SOUL software.

The user exchange event was not only a platform for Broetje-Automation to showcase its latest software features, but also an opportunity for participants to share their experiences and knowledge. The lively discussion during the program allowed participants to learn from each other and share their insights on how individual use cases are implemented in practice.

“We are very pleased to have hosted such a successful user exchange event,” said Marcel Meyer, Teamleader Software Simulations at Broetje-Automation. “It was a great opportunity for us to showcase our latest developments and gain further insight into machine programmer workflows to further improve our product.”

New Features for SOUL software

The SOUL OLPS software provides process support for various industrial applications such as sealing, composite manufacturing and fastening. The system supports production with high-tech features such as real machine simulation, sensor simulation, a most accurate collision detection as well as the SOUL CamViewer to reduce simulation time to a minimum.

The feedback of the participants was overwhelmingly positive. Especially the high-end features the system offers were highlighted. One of the highlights was the demonstration of new VR application possibilities for industrial applications as well as the advanced real machine behavior simulation.

“The fast simulation, ease of use, programming and fast software support are simply unbeatable. Currently, there is no system that comes close to Soul OLPS.”, said one of the participants.

Broetje-Automation has been successfully developing the functionality for over 20 years and is continuously improving the software to adapt it to new production conditions today and in the future. With this knowledge and experience the out-of-the-box software system has become a highly efficient solution for riveting lines and other production systems.

The success of the user exchange is a testament to Broetje-Automation’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation for the factory of the future. The company is committed to providing its customers with the best possible solutions for their production needs. The event showed once again how important a lively user exchange is in order to meet the requirements of the future and to collect feedback on the daily needs of practitioners.

Broetje-Automation would like to thank all participants for the open exchange and the time taken for a mutually successful event at the headquarter in Rastede.